Pneumatic universal press

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Thanks to their pneumatic operation, the presses are easy to use.
They have a high pushing force, very precise pressure adjustment and the possibility of adapting different types of plates.
The wide opening of the surfaces facilitates ironing, but also facilitates the use of the steam iron.
The lowering of the upper plate can be controlled by pedal (AP version), leaving the operator’s hands free: in this case, to guarantee total safety, a “safety strip” must be fitted.
Alternatively, the lowering of the upper plate can be controlled by two pushers which must be pressed at the same time (AB version).
The presses are available complete with automatic and electric boiler, vacuum cleaner and built-in compressor, or for connection to steam, suction and compressed air networks.
The P87 series is different from the P88 series with regard to the shock absorber system, allowing a faster descent of the upper plate, an essential characteristic for operation in express dry cleaners.
In addition, the P87 series is equipped with a device for lowering the upper plate without pressing it on the lower one, thus vaporizing the fabric without crushing it.

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