Contest "Best Pizza Dz"

Friday 13 October | Time : 11am - 12pm

The Best Pizza Dz Contest is the must-attend event where Algeria’s most renowned chefs come together to compete for the prestigious title of best pizza.
As usual, HORECA Expo Algeria is issuing a major challenge to these pizza masters to create their best recipe.

After the great success of “couscous revisited by the chef” at last year’s event, this year they are turning their attention to the most classic of Italian dishes: “pizza”! The chefs will have to come up with their best creation!

The competing pizzaiolos will gather from 10 to 13 October 2023 in the central pavilion of SAFEX in Algiers. They will be competing fiercely to win the trophy for the best “Best Pizza Dz” HORECA Expo Algérie, a prestigious prize awarded by an exceptional jury made up of leading figures from the Algerian restaurant sector.

The hand-picked members of the jury will mark and judge the work of the participants according to the professional rules of the catering trade.

Contest Participants

MO Pizza


L'Atelier Du Pizzaiolo

A Petit Feu


Cheffe Rym

– TV show host, chef on an Algerian TV channel.
– Trainer in a school designed to train future chefs.
– She opened three restaurants in Oran, Ouarzazate in 2007, Pergola in Mostaganem in 2008 and Gossip in Algiers in 2012.

Chef Graba Yanis

– At the Mexican restaurant “el pimento
Then the Saint George Hotel 2006-2016.
– Since chef at Air Algérie catering
“Air and non-air services, vip services, special flights and foreign companies.

 Chef Mourad Beghoura

– Cookery trainer, pizza specialist and consultant.
– Trained at school and with top pizzaiolo chefs in France.
– Trained at school and with top pizzaiolo chefs in France, he came third in 2016 and 2017 at the Pizza World Cup in Rome.

Chef Hafid Lounnas

– BOCUSE d’OR Algeria.


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