HORECA « Master Chef Contest »

Thursday 12 October | Time : starting from 12pm

The not-to-be-missed “HORECA Master Chef” contest is back
for its third edition.

This year, the competition aims to celebrate the art of fusion cuisine, where ingredients from both worlds – land and sea – come together to create innovative and delicious dishes.

Participants will have the opportunity to give free rein to their culinary creativity and showcase their talents by skillfully combining meats and vegetables from the land with marine treasures such as fish, shellfish, and seafood.

The “Encounter between Land and Sea” contest is a veritable
celebration of the pleasures of the table, where creativity and culinary
creativity and culinary passion come together to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

A panel of highly demanding regulars will judge the participants’ work and culinary creations according to specific criteria.


Chef Bennacer Abdenacer

Chef Larbi Kasdi

Chef Abderahmane

Chef Aouad Walid


Cheffe Rym

– TV show host, chef on an Algerian TV channel.
– She is also a trainer in a school designed to train future chefs.
– She opened three restaurants in Oran, Ouarzazate in 2007, Pergola in Mostaganem in 2008 and Gossip in Algiers in 2012.

Chef Bencharef Samir

– At the Hilton Hotel 2006 – 2008
Then the Saint George Hotel 2009 – 2016

Chef Smain bensawla

– Executive Chef of the Marriott Hotel

Chef Yanis Atek

– Chef Galatée restaurant 

Chef Hakim Selmoun

– Chef instructor PSFEP 1
– TV presenter (cooking shows)
– wamc World Association of Master chefs coordinator in Algeria
– Master chef wamc


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