"Pizza Bar" Animation

Come and attend an animation that will give you the opportunity to see and discover the preparation and the realization of a pizza by a renowned professional pizza maker, from the making of the dough until it comes out of the oven. Visitors will also be offered a tasting during the 4 days of Horeca Expo Algeria.

Animated by

Since 2002, the small inn has continued to grow after having been a very small pizzeria / tea room of 40 m2 in the PTT city of Hydra. In 2013 it benefited from an upgrade with a new policy of investment and extension and professional discipline leading to the opening of its first extension. In 2016, a 160 m2 restaurant specializing in wood-fired pizza at Djnane El Malik in Hydra; just one year later, another restaurant of 115 m2 on boulevard Sidi Yahia. In 2018, a small experience of catering bakery and wood-fired pizza in the Ben Aknoun shopping center then in 2019 she launched an ephemeral restaurant concept with a removable chalet and a towable professional wood-fired oven, the only one that exists in Algeria, is experienced at Kouali beach in Tipaza. In 2020, the opening of a new “take away” point of sale called “Bakery” still in Hydra of 20 m2 which offers superior quality wood-fired pizzas. A new restaurant in Garidi of 300m2 with two wood-fired ovens and in 2021, another restaurant in Garden City mall of Cheraga of 150m2 and in the same year a concept of caravan and cart for sweet and savory as a corner still in Garden City. 2022 was the year of the opening of its 400 m2 catering laboratory and the launch of the franchise “La petite auberge pizza au feu de bois” and the catering service for professionals.


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